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DMA Award Winner

RivetInternational Detroit Singer-Songwriter Danny D     Personal Challenges Create Inspiring Music On     9-Song LP Release Last Call
    Upper Michigan Radio / April 29, 2014

RivetMusic Is The Cure For Singer-Songwriter
    With Tourette Syndrome

    CBS Detroit / Oct 6, 2013

RivetDanny D: Still Got the Boy in Me
    Real Detroit / July 25, 2012

RivetDanny D launches How You Rolling D? music video
    examiner.com / April 6, 2012

RivetCity Slang: Danny D Still Goy The Boy In Me
Metro Times / Jan 24, 2012

RivetDanny D goes LIVE on Detroit Rock N' Fashion
examiner.com / Jan 24, 2012

RivetMask comes off for Danny D's 'The Boy in Me'
Oakland Press / Jan 19, 2012

RivetDanny D & The Vagabonds at Playboy Mansion
examiner.com / Oct 21, 2011

RivetHamtramck festival keeps entertainment homegrown this year
Oakland Press / Aug 15, 2011

RivetAerosmith and Danny D - never give up on your dreams!
The Hot Zone / Sept 2, 2010