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DannyD's latest CD, Last Call is now available.

Danny D's Last Call CD

Singer-songwriter, DannyD has now released his newest CD, Last Call, a 9-song, introspective compilation of love, loss and life experiences. Last Call introduces a unique synthesis of rock, alternative, americana and country to its thoughtful, storytelling songs.

American Pride is destined to be an American, patriotic classic. Turned My Life Around, Searchin All My Life and The Only One For Me are uplifting and inspirational tunes reflecting love, promise and the good in life. The One That Got Away and the title song Last Call give a more somber reflection of lost love, whereas Friendship Never Dies is a pensive, yet hopeful and upbeat reflection of past and present life, and true friendship. My Life Without You and I'll Be There For You are classic love stories sure to melt the hearts of all who listen.

Hailing from Hamtramck, Michigan, Danny D grew up in the center of the Detroit rock and Motown music scene. Playing his own music since a young age, Danny D has matured into a sophisticated singer, songwriter and musician with the inspiration of his Detroit music roots and the insight that comes from age and experience.

DannyD has opened for some very big name artists such as: Mitch Ryder, David Lee Roth, Bad Company, Eddie Money, The Tubes, Air Supply, Uncle Kracker, and The Romantics. Danny has also sung for, to and with other legends as well: Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler, Rod Stewart, Paul Warren, Robert Bateman, Mark Farner, the late Johnnie Bassett, Simon Townsend, Teddy Andreadis, Vinnie Appice, Paul Stanley, Shaun Murphy, Drew Abbott, Alto Reed, HUSH and dozens of talented up-and-coming stars. Danny D mixes it up well with just about anyone, whether in rock, alternative, funk, country or hip-hop.

Danny D's music has been a vital outlet for his personal expression since age seven, when he started showing signs of Tourette's syndrome, but unbeknownst of the actual affliction until diagnosed at the age of 21. DannyD's singing and performing became more important when he noticed how his symptoms seemed to disappear. He became determined to be successful and to become the best musician he could be by taking piano and vocal lessons, music theory, and writing and recording his own songs. Danny explains his reason for getting into music professionally, "My goal is to inspire people, to be a motivator and encourage people, young and old—to go for their dreams, regardless of any obstacle."

DannyD Last Call



Danny D's New Music Video - Last Call

Roger Daltrey and Danny D

Danny D & Roger Daltrey Sing Baba O'Riley

Check out the video!

Danny D and an All-Star Band

Twisting The Night Away

Danny D Closes the show with Rick Derringer, Johnny A, David Hull, (Joe Perry Project and Aerosmith) Gary Hoey, Spike Edney (Queen), Teddy Andreadis (Guns & Roses and Alice cooper), Sandy Gennaro, to a packed house singing "Twisting The Night Away" Check out the video!

Danny D on WDIV

WDIV Channel 4 Detroit: Detroit singer escapes symptoms of disorder on stage

WDIV Channel 4 in Detroit interviews Danny D about his Tourettes syndrome and using music and performance to handle it. See the interview. or texas fake id where to buy

American Pride

CBS: Music Is The Cure For Singer-Songwriter With Tourette Syndrome.

"Throughout his career DannyD has used music as a way to combat the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. 'I started making noises when I was in second grade, and as time went on... when I was a teen, formed a band, hit the stage and my whole concept of who I was and being an entertainer just focused on that and the Tourettes just kind of went away,' said DannyD." Read entire CBS article

American Pride

DannyD's Latest Music Video: American Pride.

From the Last Call CD, American Pride remembers and instills the pride of what it truly means to be American—no matter what politics and policies may be running the show at any given time. Enjoy this song and video!

Danny D and Roger Daltrey

DannyD Performs in Las Vegas With Roger Daltrey and an all-star band!

Danny D performed in Las Vegas this last January with an all-star band, including Simon Townsend (Pete's brother), Teddy Andreadis and others. First at Caesar's Palace, then joining The Who's Roger Daltrey at the MGM Grand. Check out the video!

Ask Dr Nandi Show

Danny D on the Ask Dr Nandi Show

DannyD talks about growing up and living with Tourettes syndrome on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show, aired on WADL - Dec 20, 2012. See the video.

Danny D and Steven Tyler

DannyD Sings Dream On To An Applauding Steven Tyler

If you got a shot to sing an Aerosmith power ballad to its author Steven Tyler himself, could you pass the audition? Hit those high notes? And get applause from Mr American Idol? Danny D did! Check it out! (Psst, Tyler's girlfriend was wowing over it too. Listen at the end.)

Danny D Sings Do You Think I'm Sexy? with Rod Stewart

YouTube video

Danny D is invited up on stage by Rod Stewart at DTE Energy Theater to join in on Do You Think I'm Sexy? all to the crowd's delight. Watch them sing together.

Danny D a Wider World Biography on Discovery PBS

YouTube video

Danny D shares heart and soul... about his life, music and lifelong dealing with Tourettes syndrome. View it now.